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MIYAZAWA Kinoko-Farm

This is Miyazawa Mushroom Farm.

Miyazawa Mushroom Farm started making mushrooms in Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture 45 years ago.

​​ It was in 1976.

Initially, we started with enokitake mushrooms, and now we grow five types of mushrooms, mainly Bunashimeji mushrooms.


Nagano Prefecture is the birthplace of the world's first successful artificial cultivation of "Enokitake" and "Bunashimeji", and is the number one mushroom producing area in Japan. Our farm has also walked in that big production area.


Nowadays, the number of large companies that grow mushrooms has increased, but we take the old-fashioned way of picking mushrooms one by one, checking them with our eyes, and carefully growing them.

You will understand if you eat it. Our mushrooms are "delicious".


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​MIYAZAWA Kinoko-farm NEWs!

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​Diary of a new mushroom farmer "Everyday"

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​ Shioda Plain / Bessho in Shinshu

Welcome to the farmer's restaurant!

​​It is a mushroom restaurant run by Miyazawa Mushroom Farm.

​Kinoko Mura Shinzan

Miyazawa Mushroom Farm

 On Sale directly!

​Ripe Bunashimeji, Brownhiratake mushrooms, Hanatake mushrooms, Shirayuki shimeji mushrooms, Large nameko mushrooms
1 bag 200 yen → 3 bags 500 yen (free combination)

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Miyazawa Mushroom Farm

  • Instagram
  • Maeyama Farm 710-2 Maeyama, Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture (with Kinokomura Shinzan)

  • Yoshida Farm Yoshida, Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture



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